Eric Idle Online Auto Biography
Ford Popular FUL 343
Our first car. Mum’s
Triumph Herald
The first car I could drive when I passed my Test at 17 dashing around Warwickshire to play cricket
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
A seriously grown up car. Kept over heating and breaking down. I spent a lot of time by the side of the road admiring it – waiting for mechanics to arrive.
Ford Cortina White
When I got fed up with the breakdowns my cousin sold me his used Cortina (See would you buy a used Cortina from this cousin?)
VW Automatic
The sort of car you get when you’re married. Marty Feldman got one with an automatic, so I had to get one too. Surprisingly reliable. Hard to imagine I drove down to the South of France with a wife and small child in this...
Citroen GS
A more sensible car for the South of France.
Came and went several times to London.
I liked it because in the lowest position it
couldn’t be clamped.
Citroen CX
Rather fabulously this car burnt down while we were
at Cannes for The Meaning of Life!
Citroen Turbo
The love of my life. A fabulous car. Faster than a speeding bullet – I think we got it up to about 240 kph on the autoroute. (surely not)
Obviously married again with a small child. This car came to a sticky end in Regents Park. We had just parked it and walked into the Rose Garden when we heard a great smash and a lot of shouting and returned to find it completely trashed. An old bloke had passed out in his car and rammed into it! Bye bye Saab
Cadillac Eldorado.
Obviously I had moved to America. I loved this car – still do. I leased several before being forced to buy the last one in 2000 because they were ceasing to manufacture them. So that’s what I still drive. Fabulous North Star road hugging control. The only design weakness are the wing mirrors, which are tiny and rather dangerous…but I like the car so much I won’t part with it.
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