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By , May 24, 2013 8:47 am

It’s been awhile since I blogged and I apologize for my temporary absence from the misinformation highway, but it has been a time of great busyness and great elation for all Idles.

If I may share a little of a Father’s pride, my daughter Lily graduated, cum laude, from Whitman College, Walla Walla, and should by now be safely in Sasquatch.   I had the great joy of handing her her diploma and receiving a daughter’s hug of delight.  I had earlier accepted an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities, and in my Commencement Address (it’s on the web if you care) I said my wife was thrilled she was finally married to a Doctor, and I was also thrilled, as I could now prescribe my own medical marijuana.

According to the College President a web site had ranked me Number Three in Commencement Speakers, behind Oprah and Obama.  But neither of them sang Always Look On The Bright Side of Life with a College Band, so an Oregon newspaper put me at Number One.   Sadly on The Huffington Post link you cannot hear the band or the crowd at all, only my voice and guitar.  Pity that as everyone was in splendid whistling form and the band arrangement was wonderful, written and conducted by a student (oh irony) by the name of Jesus.  (Not Brian.)

The day before I did an hour presentation talk with Q and A which went very well and is also on the web if you want.   I showed a clip of Philosophers Football including my goal as Socrates on the old Bayern Munchen Ground (!) and we sang The Philosophers Song and my kids presented a huge Holy Grail to Varsity Nordic, the Whitman College comedy club, for having the worst name for a Comedy Group since Monty Python’s Flying Circus.  There was a huge audience, some Q and A, and then a long signing.

I had a nice email from Doctor Cleese congratulating me on becoming a Doctor, and wondering what all the fuss was from that Doctor Chapman.    Actually I think I must certainly be the last Python to receive a Doctorate??

My son very kindly flew in from Brisbane to be with the lovely Tania and me, and we wine tasted and partied with the best of them.   It has been very sad to see him return to Australia last night, and my daughter head off to her new home in another town.   Proud tears, but sad ones.  The nest is empty.  The kids have gone.   Actually the nest isn’t entirely empty, as the dogs are here, and a bunch of rats seem determined to nest here too.   There are more rats in Hollywood….

Actually there are currently masses of the rodents here in LA since we are all namby pamby liberals and use humane traps, which means we simply release them elsewhere, and of course they multiply elsewhere and then come back.  We found one nest in my wife’s car.  They apparently love Lexus wiring.  Ah that Japanese wiring.   It’s like noodles to them.  Perhaps we can use the rodents for recycling, or their gases to power our vehicles.

I’m ambivalent about rats, having learned to love them when I played the Pied Piper for Faerie Tale Theater, and even had them crawl all over me.   I’ve had worse.   Some of those producers….don’t start me.   Actually they were specially trained Hollywood rats and were flown to Toronto for the filming, and when finished they were donated to the local zoo to feed the snakes.  I know.   Some kind of metaphor for the film business there.  Work with a Python and then eaten by one.

And talking of rats, back in Camelot The Grail on Sunday, (nudge nudge) has been preparing another gas attack. I don’t know what they are preparing to publish but from experience I’m guessing rubbish.  Lest their vile bile and poisonous untruths should sully the public record let me state quite clearly that I don’t recall a time when the Pythons have got along more harmoniously.  Last month we all met up and reminisced happily for a couple of hours about The Meaning of Life.   No, the movie.   This was an hilarious two hour re-union and I joined them at 3 in the morning from California via Skype in my pajamas.  I also had a cameraman filming me, and now it’s all cut together and it looks great and will be released in the Autumn/ Fall.   We also sensibly determined to undertake a review of all our holdings in the face of this never ending lawsuit by a greedy bastard.  The case has been with the judge since January and it has cost us a small fortune to defend ourselves against some large lies.  Happily the plaintiff is bankrupt so if he loses we are going to ask for the death penalty.  (Warning:  This is a Joke.  Jokes should not be read by unaccompanied journalists and in any case are highly toxic and dangerous to handle. They should be used only in the hands of qualified experts.)

So that’s it.  Jolliness and fun, and special thanks to Tasha, (I am her Dogfather), Alix and Katy, who came all the way with us, and made the Marcus Whitman Hotel a happy center of celebration.  Now I must put on my opera shoes on and head for New York.   But first a little visit from Professor Brian Cox and his lovely wife Gia….


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A Fishy Lament

By , May 3, 2013 4:29 pm

You may sing of the song of the cuckoo

Say olé to the lay of the lark

You may thrill to the rill

Of the nightingale’s trill

Which awakens your heart after dark,

But the song that you never will hear of

And alas and alack how I wish

That somebody somewhere would sing of

The glorious song of the fish.


Whose heart hasn’t stirred at the call of a bird

Or the purr of a cat that’s well fed?

And if the lone strain of a far distant train

Doesn’t move you, then frankly you’re dead.

But there’s one thing you never will hear of

A song that is long and delish

From the soul of the sole

In the sea or the bowl,

The heart breaking song of the fish.


Oh maybe they hail the young dolphin

Or tell a tall tale of a whale,

But nobody sings of herrings and things

Like whiting, or sea bass or snail.


No one sang of the pang of the penguin

As he sat on the long winter ice,

There’s no news of the mews of the poor kangaroos

As they waits for their mates to be nice.

It’s only the birds

Who get all the words

Those poets go on and on,

For the rest of the animal kingdom

Lyrics and songs there are none.


c) Eric Idle  2013