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What Has Obama Ever Done For Us?

By , January 27, 2016 6:43 am

Brothers and sisters, for eight years we have labored under oppression.   I mean, what has Obama ever done for us?

Well he did save us from the greatest recession since the Great depression…


Yes Reg. The country was in a right mess after Bush when he came in and prevented the total collapse of Wall Street.

That’s right he did do that Reg. He bailed out the Car Industry so that GM and Chrysler are now thriving.

And created ten million more jobs.

Alright I grant you he did save the country from the Bush Depression, and bailed out the Car Industry, and prevented the collapse of Wall Street but apart from saving the country financially, what has Obama ever done for us?

Saved the housing market from total collapse…


Reduced the deficit by 2/3rds from 98% under Bush to 2.9%..

Oh and he restored America’s reputation in the world..

That’s right.

Ok. But apart from saving the housing market from total collapse, and reducing the deficit by two thirds, what else has he ever done for us?

Health Care.

Oo yes Reg, remember when we couldn’t afford to go to the Doctors.

Well ok I grant you affordable Health Care for everyone is a good thing but, apart from restoring respect for America, and bringing in affordable Health Care, what else has Obama ever done for us?

He ended the disastrous war in Iraq.

Oo yes.

Alright that is a good thing I grant you..

And killed Bin Laden.

That’s right.

And got rid of Gaddafi.

And Mubarak.

Alright, alright. Apart from ending the disastrous Bush War in Iraq, killing Bin Laden and supporting the Arab spring, what has Obama ever done for us?

Climate change?

Gay marriage?

Stem cell research.

Oo yes remember when Bush wouldn’t allow that.

And he did get rid of the Bush torture policies.


Record stock market highs.

School nutrition.

The Iranian nuclear deal.

Oh alright but apart from getting rid of the Bush torture policies, saving us from the Great Depression and the collapse of Wall Street, bailing out the Car Industry, pulling us out of the disastrous war in Iraq, killing Bin Laden, gay marriage, climate change, Cuba, stem cell research, school nutrition and Health Care, what has Obama ever done for us?

He prevented Sarah Palin becoming Vice President.

Oh shut up!


Used by kind permission of John Cleese.