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Good Night Robin

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By , August 11, 2015 8:55 am

Good Night Robin


G       F#7     G

Good night Robin


Thanks for all the laughs


Thanks for all the fun you brought

G                    #  Am7     D7

And all those silly photographs


G     F#7         G

Goodnight Robin


Forever in your debt


For the love you made us feel

G       #        G

We never will forget


C                                                                                                                     G

And though we’ll never know just why you felt you had to go we’ll always miss you

C                                                                                                                        G     #   Am D7

And though we wonder why you made us cry we say goodbye and wish that we could kiss you


G       F#7     G

Good night Robin


Thanks for all the fun


Thanks for all the laughs you brought

G           #    Am7     D7

And all the funny things you done


G         F#7     G

Goodnight Robin


It’s hateful that you’ve gone

D7                                                                               G

But we’re grateful for that fateful day you came along

#             G

Goodnight old pal.



  1. c) Eric Idle.   Rutsongs. September 16, 2014

The Diary of a Legend

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By , January 6, 2015 10:38 am

I noticed that with Python we used to be icons but this year it appears we have become legends.  So I have decided to keep a diary which wrestles with the intimate problems of being a legend.


Monday.          Got up.  Was a legend.  Had breakfast.  Went back to bed.

Tuesday.         Got up.  Still a legend.  Fed dog.  Went back to bed.

Wednesday.    Exhausted from being a legend.   Stayed in bed.

Thursday.        Wife said you’re not a legend, you’re just a lazy old bastard.

Friday.             Decided to look for new wife.

Saturday.         Remembered John Cleese.   Changed mind about new wife.   Cheaper to stay with the old one.

Sunday:           Tired of being a legend.  It’s exhausting.  I looked in the bathroom mirror and it appears fame has gone to my ass.

Monday.          On the Drew Carey Show.  Thought it was going to be Ferguson.  Somebody said you’re not a legend, you’re not even funny now piss off back to England.

Tuesday          Have decided to stop being a legend as I’m becoming the sort of person I would avoid….


One hundred years of PythOnline.

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By , January 2, 2015 4:34 pm

June 36th 1996/7

“PythOnline!” muttered Terry Gilliam derisively “Eric’s Fan Club more like.”

“Oo you bastard” I said “You’re all more than welcome to contribute.  In fact I just spent a whole year working on it for absolutely nothing.”

“I like the Message Boards” said Jonesy, rather unflatteringly.    In fact extremely unflatteringly since I don’t write those bits, you do.  After some prodding he conceded it was a jolly good site and we should definitely keep going.    I think the we means me.

“What I need” said Michael” is someone to say “Come up with six new pieces every month.”      “Michael” I say “Come up with six new pieces every month.”  Laughter.    To reconcile me to earning nothing they very kindly offer to increase my percentage!    Much Pythonic glee.  “What exactly is 50% of fuck all?” I ask.


Just to reassure all the correspondents on Ask PythOnline who keep asking, I have not left, in fact I am very much involved in PythOnline making sure we stay up and online.   No matter how hard I try and escape 7th Level employees keep me chained to that radiator.   “Where’s the new fake open?”,  “Where’s the New Stuff column for this week,” “What about next week?”   They are merciless.  I try telling them I have a life but they only laugh at me.  “ Had a life buster, they chortle.   This is the Internet.  There is no escape.”

Yes it seems incredible but the Python one year lease expires and at midnight we shall be handing this web site over to the Chinese.   (Ancient Hong Kong joke.)

It has been an amazing time, and I want to personally thank everybody who was involved.   I need to single out for special mention Bob Ezrin and LeAnn, and all the wonderful people at 7th Level, particularly Jeanna Crawford, Robin Hinnen (our excellent resident graphic artist) and the untiring Hollis Leach.     Some people came and went and have departed for other worlds and other webs,  I am thinking especially of the amazing Steve Martino, but there’s Matt Lee who is sadly missed and honorable mentions should go to the back room boffins and web monkeys who have kept us online through the rough storms and occasional gales that blow around these parts.

Last of all I should like to thank me.   Not many of you will have had the privilege of knowing me and working alongside me, but let me just tell you a finer and nicer and more upstanding human being you could never imagine.   Oh Mike has his fans, and his appalling niceness that surrounds him like latex round a warm phallus, but I am the real thing.  Even John Cleese has been known to admit that I have the finest feet.   Terry Jones for too long has bathed in the warm glow that comes from standing beside me.  Terry Gilliam can not get up in the morning without bowing in my general direction and thanking his own weird God that he was fortunate enough to meet me.    And these are just a few of the Pythons whose lives have been enriched by knowing me and working alongside me.   Modesty forbids I should say anything further about myself,  but it would be wrong of me to let this occasion pass without a small word of thank you to myself for simply being me.

The future?    Well who knows.   There are big plans in the works.   Some of these plans are almost five feet tall.    We will be keeping you informed of these big plans, and even some very big big plans as Year Two progresses.

Happy holidays wherever you are.





Song. It’s A Dog’s Life. (Aka The Dog’s Bollocks)

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By , December 27, 2014 8:03 am

It’s a dog’s life

Being a dog

Quite frankly I would rather be a frog.

I’m bored to tears with barking

If there was some one I could sue

I’m just a bloody lap dog

And they call me a Shit Zu

The job is shit, the name is shit

And shit is all you do.

Its a dogs life

Being a dog.



To be a lap dog everyday

Sitting in her lap

Listening to her talking

All the damn day yap yap yap

The only time you get away

Is when you need a crap

It’s a dog’s life

Being a dog.



Labradors are noodles

And poodles are a bore

To breed them both together

Would make any poor bitch sore

To make a labradoodle

Oh my gawd whatever for?

It’s a dog’s life

Being a dog.



It’s a dog’s life

Being a dog

You might think  it’s easier

Than falling off a log

But frankly I would rather be

Stuck head first in a bog!

It’s a dogs life being a dog


Listening to them moan all day

On the telephone

Makes you want to run away

And live a life alone

At the end of all that bitching

All you get’s a fucking bone!

It’s a dogs life

Being a dog.



It’s a dog’s life

Being a dog

Quite frankly I would rather be a frog.

They molly you and collie you

And treat you like a putz

They take you out on play dates

With a lot of stupid mutts

They tell you that you’re man’s best friend

And then cut off your nuts!

It’s a dog’s life being a dog.







  1. c) EI/JDP

May 19, 2009