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Lines on missing a God daughter’s birthday

By , January 21, 2018 12:48 pm

We went and missed your birthday once again

We’ve consistently forgotten it since the age of ten

Each year we say we won’t forget to Happy Birthday you

And then the day comes round and then of course we do.

It’s mad it’s bad it’s bloody sad and definitely wrong

And we’re hoping you’ll forgive us

If we send you this daft song.


The Apple Mac reminded us it was your birthday slot

Coming up the day before

But sadly we forgot.

We both of us remembered watching TV late last night

And said thank God it’s not too late for both of us to write

But as we headed for our beds

The thought completely left our heads

It’s really not polite.


So we’re once again apologizing that we’re overdue

In saying Happy Birthday Vic, Happy Birthday dear to you

It’s not much of a present but I suppose it could be worse

All we’re sending you this year

Is this stupid fucking verse.

I feel that I’m particularly a really silly sod

What kind of a Godfather does not believe in God?

But there you are you’re stuck with us

You’re stuck with what you’ve got,

Blame it on your parents or anyone, why not?

We wish you happiness and joy in sunshine and in rain

Until next year when to be sure we will forget again!

Eric Idle

January 21, 2018

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