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Unfinished Lyrics: 1

By , January 10, 2013 7:51 am

A thing I do from time to time is to review unfinished work.  Recently I found some old lyrics from an abandoned musical, that I had forgotten about, and  that I quite liked.  Here is a poignant song about the death of a writer!

Only A Writer

When somebody famous

Falls under a bus

It makes us feel better

That it isn’t us.


If there’s one thing we love

It’s celebrity death

We turn on and wait

For that last final breath.


Yes celebrity death cheers everyone up

It makes us feel better that no matter who

The rich and the famous must also die too.

But though I loved Freddie

And I’m in PR

The name of a writer

Won’t go very far.


Yes though he was kind

And no one politer

Still and all Freddie

Was only a writer.


Only a writer

How sad and how tragic

And though yes there is still some kind of magic

Yet although his soul he quite frequently bares

He’s only a writer

So nobody cares.


Only a writer

So nobody stares

Only a writer

So nobody cares


With all of their money

And all of their fame

Celebrities die

Like us, just the same.


When stars pass away

The future seems brighter

But nobody cares

If it’s only a writer.


For Stars and their sex lives

The internet hums

But for only a writer

Nobody comes.


c) Rutsongs

1/6/2010   Say No More


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